Is it harmful for the Indian market to import drugs from China?

India has been importing Chinese goods for a long time now whether you see your electronics items or the medicinal drugs almost everywhere you will find the tag of "Made in China". India had made its remarkable position in the export market of pharmaceutical products but slowly China is taking over. It was quoted by IPCA that importing medicines from the Chinese market could prove to be harmful to the health sector in India in the long run.

India has been importing APIs i.e. active pharmaceutical ingredients which are also the raw materials for the major medicines from China. It is becoming the area of concern for the Indian market. Well, if we have a look at the health of Indian market over the past 3 decades then you will get to know that the Indian market has achieved remarkable improvements in the health outcomes but the absolute levels remain low. This has been possible only because of the low rates of the Chinese medicines sold in India.

Most people don't know that the prices of the Indian drugs became low because of the Chinese aggression. The Chinese firms became the major choice because of their low prices. China had a major hand in the success of India as one of the largest pharmaceutical industry today. But is it today the situation of crisis or profit for the Indian market? Well, if we take an overall view then the situation is more profitable for the Chinese market. The Indian market should adopt ways to produce large volumes of products and sell it at low cost so as to reduce its dependence on Chinese APIs and drugs.

The Indian pharmaceuticals should work on the theme, "Skill and Will to make and serve the quality pills." This will invoke the budding pharmaceutical companies to take more initiatives in order to make India a healthy and a prosperous country. The Indian market should continue to do trade with China but should not depend solely or majorly on the Chinese products.